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Mahjong Online

Mahjong is a type of solitaire game in which patterns of tiles (such as a turtle, dragon, tiger, or other Chinese-style pattern) are drawn on the playing field. Your task is to match two open tiles with the same symbols and remove them in pairs from the field. Removing a pair of tiles from the field opens up access to new tiles. The game ends when all tiles are removed or there are no open tiles on the board. Play a relaxing free Mahjong game and feel the atmosphere of China!

How to play Mahjong?


First of all, choose the pattern you want to solve. It could be a classic Turtle shape or variations like a tiger, a dragon, or some other Chinese-style tile picture. Click on the picture to start the game.

mahjong patterns

There are tiles stacked in uneven piles. Some tiles are open - meaning they have no tiles to their right or left and no tiles lying above them.


Find two open tiles with the same symbols and click on them to match them and remove them from the playing field. Your task is to remove all tiles from the playing field as quickly as possible.

mahjong rules

Remember that you can play only with tiles that can be moved left or right without disturbing other tiles. Removing tiles from the board unlocks new tiles under them.


There can be more than two identical open tiles at the same time. Remove such tiles that will open more new tiles.

mahjong tiles

Play Mahjong Online and try to clear all the tiles using as many moves as you can! The number of moves, the number of remaining tiles and the time spent on the game, you can always find in the right corner of the screen.

Did you like Mahjong Online?

Mahjong solitaire is a board game that originated many hundreds of years ago. Traditional mahjong originated in China. It was a four-player board game where the challenge was to collect as many valuable tiles as possible in order to win. Mahjong Solitaire is a single player game. It can be played online or physically, and your task here is to remove all the tiles in pairs from the field in order to win. This type of mahjong was created by Brody Lockard in 1981, and then in 1986 the game Shanghai appeared. This game had a viral effect all over the world, and its spin-offs are still popular today. Mahjong Online trains memory and observation. It will be interesting for both children and adults. Play mahjong and have fun!